The Laurelhurst School Foundation is an organization of parents, teachers, and community members committed to improving the quality of education at Laurelhurst Elementary School.

The Foundation works in cooperation with the PTA with the belief that great communities make great schools. The PTA does a fantastic job raising funds for supplies, equipment and special programs but cannot fund staff – only the Foundation can do that.



Many school foundations in Portland work under the non-profit umbrella of All Hands Raised to supplement school funding for teachers.  In an effort to maintain quality throughout the district, one-third of the money raised by individual school foundations after the first $10,000 is set aside in the Equity Fund for use as grants to high-need schools. Two-thirds of your contributions to Laurelhurst School Foundation go directly to Laurelhurst to support staffing at our school.



Decisions made about how to spend funds raised by our Foundation are made by our Principal, in consultation with staff and parents through the PTA and Site Council. Contributions to the Foundation are raised by an annual direct appeal by our Laurelhurst families and community. In addition, the Foundation offers an annual Laurelhurst Auction and Party. Let us know if you would like to participate in our efforts – we’d love to have you!

We are grateful for your support, and as a result we've been able to offer a high-quality, well-rounded education for all of our students!

Karen Pinder, Laurelhurst School Principal


Your generosity last year did great things for our kids.

Let’s give them even more this year!

Art, library, music, P.E., literacy, math and kindergarten assistance provided by you – our Laurelhurst families. Thank you! Donate to the Foundation’s 2014-15 Direct Appeal by December 20th, and and help us deliver an exceptional education to every student. Your generosity towards our $85,000 goal helps give every Laurelhurst child the gifts of enrichment, literacy, and smaller class sizes. Remember, it costs $280 per student per year for the staff positions the Foundation supports.

Donate by clicking the button below or write a check to the ‘Laurelhurst Foundation’ and drop it at the school office.

Thank you for your support! Every dollar is appreciated—and every dollar matters to our students and their success.


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